What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Search Engine optimization or commonly referred to as “SEO” is a technique which many website owners are making use of to draw traffic to their website. Through this process, they try to increase the volume and quality of traffic through search results as well as organic results. The concept is simple, the higher your website ranks on the SERP or search engine result page, the more eyes it will attract to your site. “Local SEO” refers to this process in a local geographical region. This is often used for brick and mortar businesses, or for products specific to an area.

Info about local SEOAs a part of marketing strategy, skilled SEO consultants consider how search algorithms function and what they search for. The local SEO process involves a website’s structure as well as coding, website presentation, copywriting and resolving other issues which prevent search engines from indexing your website, because if your website is not indexed then there is no chance that your site will rank highly on any search engine. Search engine optimization targets various types of searches such as local search, image search, academic search and also video search.


Its importance:

  • Honestly speaking SEO is one of the most misunderstood as well as misinterpreted terms in the marketing world. While some have painted it as sort of a black magic secret, it is actually a marketing method. It is extremely important for your business functioning. Here are some of those advantages:
  • SEO is great for branding and business visibility. When end users search for your products or service you always want it to be as high as possible in terms of search engine rankings.  With the help of SEO you can get a good ranking on the Google page and come in contact with your probable end users. This also leads to branding. If you constantly appear in all the search engines you will gain more popularity. You will be known more and you are able to mind share with more end users. The possibilities are high that they will click through your website and as you constantly display all you have in your different web pages, they will like you and trust you more.
  • Local SEO provides your business more credibility. The thing with searchers is that they always keep a close watch on the rankings of websites whenever they enter Google or some other search engine. In the minds of customers, a proper ranking means a proper vote of confidence. These end users might not admit it, but the higher the ranking, the more it becomes credible to them.
  • SEO brings your business ample traffic, which will aid you in pumping up the profit margins. Sure, they may not purchase at the first go, but at least they will come to know about what you are providing. This eventually leads to business rendezvous in the future.
  • SEO consists of one of the top ROI in the ad world and this will prove to be rewarding for your company as it makes your company earn at a higher rate than almost all the conventional forms of business carried out in the cyber world. The main reason is because SEO is mainly an inbound marketing strategy and it enables you to market with customers when they are on the lookout for the products and services of your own company.  With the use of SEO you do not have to interrupt their favorite pastime or TV show, you can simply take up space on pages which they like visiting more often. Plus with SEO you just have to convince them that you are the best option to cater to for their services and products. In simple words, with the usage of SEO, half the battle is won.
  • The last importance of SEO is that it gives you an unmatched insight into your end users.

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The popular local seo techniques:

Link building: this is one SEO method which works really well provided when it is carried out in the proper manner. Link building is the method of having web links on other web portals and blogs which redirect back to one particular site. Various links given at different sites might be considered of higher value honestly speaking, those are the links which web owners want.

Web 2.0: this is another way to promote your website link and can be said as another way of link building. What you need to do is, find websites or web services allowing you to create free websites on their sub-domain or blogs. Then you need to create a replica website of the original one. Now you need to put the contents on the pages and add links on the main targeted website as hyper text or anchor text.

Blog & comment: Blog is another way of linking back to your website. You need to create a blog and post articles on relevant topics to your website or the services you provide. While doing that you can put your original site link as anchor text. The next thing is the blog comment. Here you need to find blogs which are on the same topic as is your blog or website. Then you need to post comments against blog posts where you will post your website links as an anchor text.

Social Media Marketing: this is another important and trendy method that we use these days. You need to create social media accounts on the popular social media sites. You need to make sure you share every post regarding your website. Any kind of event like inauguration, success parties, interview dates, any blog posts regarding your websites must be shared on the social media pages. Now you need to post them on relevant pages or communities to have maximum exposure to the audience. Thus, people interested in your service will be able to know what you provide and how you provide and will be able to contact you as and when they need.

Citations: Citations are specific to Local SEO in that they don’t always require a link to your site. If your business has it’s name, address, and phone number listed on any other site, this is called a citation. This is generally called your “NAP”, which stands for name, address, and phone number. The more local and relevant sites you have a citation on, the better your Local SEO will be, and the higher you will rank for local terms.

Google Reviews: Getting positive reviews in your Google business page is critical. Not only can this help get your website listed higher in the SERPS, this will help get you in the local results, and increase your click through rates by a huge amount. You can tell everyone how great your business is until you run out of breath, but that will never compare to the trust people put in reviews.

Local Search Engine Optimization

In the end you can say that, Local SEO is a vast area of knowledge which you can come to know if and only if you experience it first hand. These days there are lots of companies offering SEO services and hence it is better that you know about SEO before you hire one of them. Knowing the SEO in detail will help you to do it yourself as well. But for this you need to have a good plan to execute. Then only all this knowledge will be of use. If you do not have a plan, your knowledge and these methods will be in vain. So, if you are ready to take the risk and if you are smart enough to understand the technical side of SEO, you can go for it, otherwise consult an SEO expert to get going with your local SEO project.

Know your local SEO colors!

Is your local SEO white or black?

When we talk about White Hat and Black Hat local SEO there are quite a number of distinctions. Both of them are important in their own way and serve the need of numerous firm owners. Here in this segment we are going to lay down some striking differences between the two. So those who are interested in knowing about it simply read the plummeting article prudently.

Their differences:

Before we get into explaining the major differences between white hat and black hat local SEO has to do with the techniques employed when trying to enhance a site’s search engine ranking.

Black hat technique primarily refers to the strategies as well as techniques which is used to get enhanced search rankings and also breaking the conventional search engine rules. Black Hat technique mainly focuses on just the search engines and with not too much of a human audience. Black Hat technique is mainly employed by those who are on the lookout for a fast return on their own website rather than a long term investment on their website. A few techniques which are employed in Black Hat technique are keyword stuffing, hidden links and texts and blog content spamming. Black Hat SEO consequences can probably result in your site being banned or prevented from a search engine and de indexed as a penalty for employing some unethical methods.

Now shifting our focus on White Hat SEO, it mainly employs strategies and techniques which focus on human audience as compared to just the search engine. Just like the name, their techniques are also different from each other. The major techniques which are used in white hat technique are keyword analysis, doing research, rewriting meta tags, proper usage of key phrases, link building, back linking as well framing content for the readers. Blokes who make use of the white hat technique anticipate making a long term investment on their site as simply because the result has a long time.

The effectiveness between white hat techniques as compared to Black Hat technique

There are a multitude of options for an SEO practitioner regarding the adequacy of the white hat SEO technique as compared to Black Hat technique. However majority of the experts have stated that the white hat SEO methods take a longer time to improve the search engine results as compared to black hat SEO techniques.

The consequences of the white hat technique as compared to Black Hat technique

Irrespective of the fact that speedy results makes Black Hat technique attractive, it can still get your website permanently de indexed or banned or say for that matter severely penalized for using unethical practices. It is predominantly considered that the kind of risk which they pose is not worth taking chances. Also black hat local SEO techniques provide only kind of short term outcome. On the other side of the coin white hat technique can make your site attain a higher rank and this is mainly because of the usage of the ethical techniques, quality content, appropriate key phrases and also a culmination of effective marketing angles. All these culmination leads to long lasting profitable results.

Is it safe to do local SEO yourself?

Is it safe to do local SEO yourself?

The question as to whether it is safe enough to manage and do the local SEO work all by you is a controversial topic in itself. It is in fact a difficult task to come to a particular conclusion regarding this topic. This is primarily due to the various aspects that are attached to it. It is often said that we should not ponder or attempt to do something that we are not acquainted with or are not a pro at. SEO is definitely one such filed that makes this rule quite applicable. This is primarily because SEO is not a field that is stagnant through the passage of time. It keeps changing and evolving through the years. It is therefore advisable to opt for self SEO tasks only if you are a complete pro at it and are confident about keeping in pace with the evolving trends. To give you a better idea on this subject, let us take a look at the risks involved in performing SEO tasks yourself.

Risks involved in doing self Local SEO work

If we take a closer look at matters, performing local SEO by yourself involves several risks. Enlisted below are the most common risks that are faced by entrepreneurs while performing this task:

  • Insufficient or irrelevant content can be a massive drawback in case you are opting for getting SEO tasks done by yourself.
  • You might encounter the risk of targeting the wrong masses of audience due to lack of sufficient and accurate knowledge in the field.
  • Incorporation of low quality links is a great factor that functions in this case. These will in future act as a massive drawback for your company and its business.
  • Duplication of the content used in the SEO material is an act that is greatly restricted. Self SEO does include such risks to a great extent.
  • Proper redirection of pages forms a massive part of an accurate SEO task. There are times when getting SEO task done all by yourself can lead to the inappropriate redirection of the pages and the links thus bringing about a downfall in your business.

The risks that have been mentioned above are not just mere risks that can be ignored at a certain point of time. The SEO status of your business does play a key role in analyzing the status of your business itself. These are in fact a few points that explain what makes it unsafe for people opt for the option of getting SEO work done all by them.

The recent years have seen the advent of a number of renowned companies that have been created for the purpose of helping individual entrepreneurs get their work done at the most convenient way. In fact the packages they offer or the amount of money charged by them is also quite affordable. In fact, they can be approached by small companies as well. Though it might seem to be a bit pricey in the first case, the benefits that you derive from the usage of the services provided by these companies will prove the entire worth of it.